Our Story

Started by chance and out of necessity, Nine Calorie Labs was created in April 2017. At the time, Jose Otero was experimenting with a ketogenic diet to assess the performance benefits that could be gained by removing refined sugar and carbs from his diet. In training for an Olympic distance triathlon, Jose began to wonder how to replace the energy gels he was accustomed to using during his races. He began searching for low-carb alternatives in the market and was shocked to find that one did not exist. As his research continued, he not only realized that there were no low carb gels available, but there were very few gels that were made using natural ingredients - i.e. not full of chemicals.

Out of necessity, Jose began making his own energy product using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, peanut butter, MCT oil and BCAA powder. The product was being put into small disposable baby food pouches. As people began to frequently see Jose with small pouches, they got curious. Shortly thereafter people began to try the product and the feedback was outstanding - Jose began to receive orders to make pouches for several runners, triathletes and even a few CrossFit athletes.

As the orders grew, Jose realized that he had something special and needed to take the proper steps to ensure the safety and stability of his product. After much research, Jose finally connected with a brilliant food scientist. It was in the following months of working together where they were able to develop the Nine Cal Energy product everyone has come to know today. Focused on natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives and enhancing performance using MCT based energy - a premium product was born, introducing a new type of energy gel that works for all athletes regardless of diet.